Please be patient with me, this is a work in process. I am just lazy enough to not want to type out my entire playlist and I'm not the brightest bulb in the computer world.

March 1, 2014
A new play list!!!  Well, I've had a few since this original one was put up, but I thought I'd share my new one.  Thanks to my friend Jill for suggesting the Black Keys. They are awesome!!

I'm loving this playlist!  I'll train with it for the next few weeks and then start picking out favorites for my half marathon in April!


I do know that as a runner that LOVES to have some good tunes for those hard times I am always looking for great song's to add to my list.  I am going to put up my latest running list here for those runners looking for song ideas. 

I need to thank Pavement Runner for the idea for the song RISE.  He does a wonderful Thursday song post that gives me ideas all the time.  

Feel free to share any great songs, new or classics that you love!  My next running playlist will be for the "Other Half" half marathon in Moab, Utah in October.  

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  1. I run with Pandora. I usually have it on David Guetta for more uptempo and on Black Eyed Peas when I'm doing an easy run. Love the variety and I never know what's coming on next.