Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I took Jake to the eye doctor today and he had to get glasses. He has pretty good vision, but also a little night blindness and a strong need to have a pair of glasses. He has been staying with us for a few days and on this evening, after I had washed all my makeup off and pulled my hair back, he decided we should take some pics. The "click" of the camera was heard and Sami joined us. Wow, they are my kids!!

The kids said this was my mom face. I say it's my "Bite Me" face.

Jake and his mommy

He looks like a professor here

What can I say, good looks run in my family!!Sami laying on Ted???? What a dork.

Jake definitely has some of the Taylor look!!
Ted giving Jake a HUG!! Good doggy
Sami and I

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  1. SO much fun! I loved seeing your family! It is great seeing life outside of work. It sounds like things are so good for you! I am so excited for you Kat~ lots of love