Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Zoe

Tonight I was going through the costume box to find some devil horns to wear to work tomorrow. I found the two costumes that I made for Austin when he was 2 and 3. One was a clown outfit that shows some pretty sweet sewing skills and is adorable. The other is a pumpkin outfit, complete with a pumpkin top that had an elastic to hold it on his head. I am hoping in a couple of years I can dress up a grandson (hint!hint!) in the clown outfit.

Obviously my kids are not going to let me dress them up and haven't for years. Fortunately for me, I have collected a couple of cute dog costumes for Zoe. Unfortunately for her, I must put them on her day after day around Halloween and then laugh my butt off!!

She has become smart over the years. She lets me dress her up, then sits for pictures and waits with that evil look in her eye for me to take off the ghastly get-up.

The complete clown outfit. Not to be confused with the home-made outfit I made for Austin. This is the only one with all the parts.

This is actually one of those hair elastics that you put on a bun or ponytail. Why anyone ever did I have no idea, but me and the kids found an old one once and put it on Zoe. It always makes me laugh!! We call it the LION costume!

This is her princess cape. She had the cutest princess hat that went with it, but I pressed her patience last year and she went outside, scratched it off and buried it. We have never found it. She never ever looks at the camera, unless she is a princess!!


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