Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heaven in a box

In search of more room in my small closet for Matt, I bought these hangers to try them out.

Oh they are heaven!! Shirts don't slip, sweaters don't fall and camisoles (yes I hang up all my camisoles) stay put!! YEAHHH!! So we went back to Bed, Bath and Beyond, loaded with all the 20% off coupons from 3 different residences and bought a total of 4 boxes. There is 50 in a box and they are 39.99 a box, around 30.00 if you have the coupon. Love em...Have to recommend them.

I took the pic with my cell phone, but if you look closely, you see a well organized closet with lots of well placed clothes.

Now I just need new a bigger closet, new closet doors and a room for my shoes!

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