Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kathee's Guide to New York

I've been to New York 3 times this year and decided that I should write a small guide about New York. I read Frommer's and liked it, some good ideas, but I think there is a need for a more personal touch when talking about a trip like New York.

Matt and I in Times Square

Times Square

Get a Metro Card. Sure, taxi's are everywhere and you can walk to lots of places. I have found the subway system to be Divine! Matt and I bought 2 metro cards at 25.00 each (7 day, unlimited) and went crazy. You can get everywhere in Manhattan and a lot of the outer Burroughs also! The only thing to really know is UPTOWN is going to central park and downtown is going to wall street - battery park and Brooklyn. There is free music along the way (lots of musicians) and lots of people watching to do. I highly recommend it, especially in the daylight hours.

Matt and I in the subway

The Subway

Spend one day on a walking tour. We did this the last day we were there. I stuck a subway/map in my pocket and we drew a line and off we went. New York has some incredible buildings to look at and it seems like we would just walk into something going on. Everywhere we went, we were never disappointed. The library just stands out as such an incredible place. Makes me want to move my kids there, stick a metro card in their hands and say, "Go with peace" and let them out.

Outside the Library

The library foyer - all marble.

Some really cool ceilings!

Reading Room

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station ceiling.

Outside the Rockefeller Center

Fireman day at the Rockefeller Center

Run/Walk around the Jackie Onassis reservoir. We took the subway up to the entrance, which is on 5th ave and about 84th street. Once we walked into the park and onto the running path it was like living in a different world. The path was perfect, the water was like glass and the city around it was amazing!! So many trees, in front of so much of New York. It was fabulous. That reminds me...

Wear wonderful walking shoes. I always throw on my heels for the night out, but when it comes to getting around New York (even by subway) you do a LOT of walking. I wore my running shoes most of the time, which wasn't a fashion statement, but I survived. I so wear some to die for heels at night, which is when we take a taxi. Don't assume you can find a taxi in Times Square. It can be a smack down to find an empty one on Friday or Saturday night.

If your going to Coney Island, try going in the summer when it's not empty. But if you go, try the great coney island hot dog at Nathans. I have to admit, it was scrumptious. I'm not really a hot dog person either. I wish we would have just gone and ate the hot dog and left. We walked around a little and it was like a ghost town. Except for the drunks and the wedding party.

Wedding party poses for pics outside of Nathans.

Now that's a tasty dog!

The "Woody Allen" sandwich at Carnegie Deli is so delicious. I would recommend that you split one, because the amount of roast beef and pastrami is un-human! I can't even imagine one person eating the whole thing. The cheese cake is great too.

Delicious sammich!!

That's about all the recommendation I have for now. I will post any new ones I come up with. Now, more about our trip.

New York is incredible. To be an American tourist there is definitely being a minority. It seems like everyone is speaking a different language. It's a pretty clean city and I have never felt unsafe.

On Friday, we took the subway down to Wall Street and checked out the New York Stock Exchange. All the excitement about the bail-out and the market plunging, made for an exciting trip. There was press and security everywhere. You couldn't get within 20 feet of the actual building.

Outside New York Stock Exchange.

Ground Zero - lots of construction

We went on the 2hr sunset cruise around Manhattan. I loved it! It was like looking at one city on the way there (in the day) and another city (same one, only night) on the way back! Lots of history and beautiful cityscape's.

The ship U.S.S Intrepid. Open for visitors in November.

Going on our sunset cruise.

Starting out on the cruise
Lady Liberty!
Manhattan at night!

Sunday we took off and went to a Giants game!! There was an issue with our tickets, but the website we bought them from, replaced the tickets for us. We had to pick them up at the Sheraton across the highway from the arena. Luckily the bus driver took pity and dropped us off and then we had to run back over the freeway. Apparently lots of people do this and we followed a couple of guys with a 12 pack a beer back over. The game was incredible, the people were so nice and I had such a good time! I couldn't believe my seats! I love a good NFL game, and though it was a blow out, it was still pretty fun.

Before the game starts.

Lining up!! WOOHOO
Our neighbors to the left. Bob and Margaret. Their son bought their tickets!
After the game.

On Saturday, we went to the show "Young Frankenstein". Again, we had great seats and loved the show. It had all the elements that the classic film, with more song! It's always great to see a show in New York.

We didn't do a lot of shopping. The day we went to the show, we went down to Canal Street to do a little. Ended up in a few "back rooms". Oh how fun that is. I have a great purse because of it......ok, maybe 2 great purses. I am somewhat conflicted, because they are knockoffs and basically illegal to sell. They have the brand name on it and some of the back room purses are really good knockoffs. I understand that the company that makes the original purses should get the business, but know that I can in no way, pay for a brand name purse. Maybe I need to check on my Karma-o-meter. Oh well, for now I have a couple of great coach knock offs!

Great meat stick made by the man behind it. Yummy, love those street vendors.

That's about it. New York in a blog. It was a great time and I love being with Matt. We travel well together and get along fabulously. Big thanks to him for taking me and showing me a wonderful time!!

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