Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cookie Day!!!

Every year since my kids were little, my family would get together and decorate cookies. It started pretty casual and has turned into an annual party that most in the family wouldn't miss. We all bring something and my mom and dad provide the space, frosting and gingerbread houses. The boys really like to make the gingerbread houses and dip the pretzels in chocolate. The moms and little kids love to frost cookies. We all bring some food to share and it is a blast. Mostly the men watch TV, eat and nap. It's OK though, gets them out of the way.

Nephew Alec and Daniel dipping pretzels

Austin and nephew Jack.

Sister Caroline and nephew Jack and niece Emily

Samantha and my dad, also known as the smartest man in the WORLD!

Austin, nephew Dylan and Jake. Busy at work on the extra wonderful gingerbread house.

Daniel, my brother Mark and my wonderful, generous mom.

My girls: Samantha and Rachelle.

Brother Dave showing off his mad parenting skills with my grandson Pud (Ryder).

My sister Caroline taking a turn with the pudster.

The frosting table. Rachelle, Caroline, Jack, Abby, Joe, James, Melissa and me!
It's a rare sighting of the thought extinct brother Joe! And you wonder why my boys are tall? (He's 6'7")

Matt was there, but he was working on Christmas projects in my dad's "New Yankee Workshop", as he calls it.

It was a great day, full of the usual Taylor family chaos. Plus we have lots of cookies, pretzels and two gingerbread houses!! DELICIOUS!

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