Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sami's night at the Hospital

No, my precious princess was not hurt, sick or otherwise compromised. Sami is doing a paper on Critical Care for her Health class. I invited her up on a night when I was charging, hoping that it would be slow enough for me to show her around and see some cool stuff for some first hand experience. It was barely slow enough for me to show her around. She only stayed for an hour, but she wanted to stay all night. She LOVED it!! YEAH!! What a cute little mini me she is!!

Sami in a room, pretending that there is a patient. Washing her hands - why? - because hand washing is the first step to infection control. The picture with all the machines is our large equipment room full of fun things used on patients in critical care.

Yeah, a pic of me at work. I don't know how to make myself more frumpy but I'm working on it. The truth is, this is work attire except for the vest. Hair back, scrubs.....I wear my glasses because my eyes get tired and to protect them from bodily fluids that tend to project at times. Anyway - enough about me! We went up to the operating room, but I couldn't get in, so we dressed her up in the face mask, hair net and she had on shoe protectors. The last pic of of her holding the defibrillator paddles. She was SO nervous they would shock her and they weren't even on. So I turned them on after the pic and reached for her. She ran. Hilarious!! We rarely even use the paddles anymore, just stick on pads.
Some fun that we shouldn't and didn't get pictures of, she was able to see an open belly during a dressing change, some traction on a leg and I showed and explained to her about a tracheostomy. (All with patients/family permission) Then I ran her through the trauma bay. She was so overwhelmed she didn't appreciate the fun of it. There was patients there, but no big traumas going on. We talked to an ER nurse and one of my favorite trauma surgeons.
Her paper is going to be wonderful, I can feel it!!
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