Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taco Taco

Friday night (Dec. 12th) Matt and I dragged Sami, Daniel and Jake to my brothers house. My brother and his family had just moved from Michigan to Pleasant View, Utah. If you don't know where that is, it is about 1 hour going north on I-15, baring any traffic. Which never happens, there is always traffic. Luckily I slept the way up and had to really get motivated when I got there. The boys cleaned out Mark's garage and with Matt helped to move some furniture in. Sami and I cleaned. I did bathrooms, she did windows and together we did kitchen cabinets. It was nice to help family, but the payoff was Taco, Taco.

Taco Taco is a restaurant in Ogden. Matt was raised mostly in Ogden and it is one of his favorite restaurants. I must say, it lived up to its reputation. It was delicious and I really don't like Mexican food. So next time your in Ogden, swing by Taco Taco!!

Sami is excited before we even walk in! Delicious!!

Samantha and Jake in awe of the menu. Matt is happy to be there and I just look like a tired old lady. It was the lighting, yeah, that's it...the lighting.

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