Monday, March 2, 2009

The creative side of me..

......or more accurately my sister Caroline. Today she came over and we put together the programs (no pics, they are a secret...hehe), glued the table numbers on the wine bottles and she wrote out all the place cards. I loved being with her and very grateful to her for the time and effort she has put into it.

Other updates, since the place cards were written out there have been cancellations and changes. So, what do I do? I am putting out the place cards in their cute little holders and we are going to have a blast - no matter where people sit!!

My shoes still haven't come and the company that sent them has no idea where they are either. Looks like another great new pair of shoes for me!!!

Carnegie Deli called, the weather is too bad for them to get the cakes off with Fed Ex today. SO they are sending them out tomorrow with a Wednesday, Thursday delivery. I have my fingers crossed that they will be able to get them here. If not, we have a back up plan - we are sure we can find enough delicious cakes to feed everyone right here in the valley.

This is how we decided to number the tables. I found the idea on the Internet (Martha Stewart), Caroline printed the numbers and I happened to have ordered the ribbon earlier.

This is the picture frames for Matt and my pics. I bought 2 different frames and Matt put hinges on them. Our pictures haven't been put in the frames yet - but that is my project for tomorrow.

It was a great day!! If these are the worst problems then everything is going to be just fine! I have a groom and a bunch of great kids and family.

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