Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Das Boot.

In my house "Das Boot" now means that I have to wear a big uncomfortable boot TO BED and only to bed (not standing with the boot!). Thanks to my 3rd running injury (from last December) I've had to resort to going to a sports ortho doc and he is going to get me running injury free. Until this Plantar Fasciatis heals then Matt better hope I don't kick him in bed. PT starts this week. I'll know more in 3 weeks. There's also some problem with my nerve running down my leg or in my back too so we gotta fix that. Glad I'm not a horse.

At least I can walk and work. But if you see me limping, don't even ask. That's just the way I gotta roll.

Postings from the Wedding and Honeymoon are forthcoming. Don't worry - it will be all rated G-ish.

Blog ON.....

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