Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last Sunday we had a family party.
There is always a baseline amount of teasing at these things, that is kinda the way the Taylor's roll. I felt that there was an unusual amount centered on my youngest son.
Yes, his hair IS getting long and it is mostly in his eyes. But hey, if your going to play rock and roll you have to BE rock and roll. The orange arrows point out what happens when you don't listen to your mom and go skiing with gloves and without sunscreen. That, I think, is the greater sin. So for craps and laughs I start pulling his hair back and ended up doing one of my wonderful french braids all around his head. Ahhh....so cute.
Kind of like an old German school marm.
Follow the orange arrow. Look at the picture with his hair down. Do you see the resemblance???
That's all I'm tryin to say......
Give him a few years, he'll have a beard. OR, if he's like his dad, he won't.
Blog on......


  1. Haha! This was so much fun! Daniel the braided tomato!

  2. I'm just fine with the long hair, after all my bro is a hippie. As long as he doesn't ask me to put it in braids every-time I see him. I agree the no sun block is the greater sin! Luvs- Pasty and Proud!

  3. Daniel is such a sweetie and we love him so much! You know we adore ALL your kids. There is such a great heart under all that hair, so there is definitely a resemblance between brothers.