Monday, April 13, 2009

complimentary post

I hate to go too long without a little note in my blog. Mostly because I like it when other bloggers post frequently, even if they are lame posts. Such as this.
Since I have been home from my honeymoon I have found myself bored bored bored. Planning a wedding was time consuming and forever on my mind. Now that it is over, I need to restart my hobbies and stuff I love to do.
Since running is still on my "love to do" list, I went to a sports medicine doctor to figure out the damn pains in my foot and leg. I think I already put my thoughts on that and the damn boot. EWWWW
But I do it and my little exercises, in hopes of hitting the 5 mile mark by maybe next September.
Mostly I have just been working. I need the money and they need the skills. Frankly I'd rather be at work sometimes then home for all that special housework and stuff that tends to be my responsibility. Actually I just finished three night shifts in a row, so if this post sounds a little pissy, then it is truly portraying my mood.
Here is a few fun pics from my place of work. OK, not too fun, but hey, it's my job.
These three boxes are the emergent cardiac med boxes. If we use these in a code then the patient is only charged for the medicines themselves and not the entire charge of the code cart. Using these pleases our pharmacist, Kyle to no end. Always pinchin a penny! Usually we only use one at a time, but the patients that I picked up had spent the night coding and having heart massage - so they just kept grabbing them. By the time I got on shift the patient was "stable" and I was cleaning things out. I took this picture to show Kyle. I think he tingled when I showed it to him!
This picture just doesn't do it justice. I had already cleaned up most of it. I really should have taken the pic of my shoe in the puddle of blood. I don't make a habit of blood-letting my patients, BUT, I happen to remove an IV line at the wrong point and it back bled onto the floor. Not the BED thank god!! It seems like a lot of blood, but it wasn't. His hematocrit was stable and my shoe was washed and is continuing it's role as foot stabilizer when I am at work. It was kinda funny though. I mean, there was blood on my arms!! After that point my day went much better - at least better then it had been going.

SO there ya go. What has basically been going on since the big event. I am not working so much this week, so maybe I will come up with a sweet and "I'm so happy I could die" post. I will work on it.
Blog on......


  1. The wedding did consume every last minute and thoughts for planning but now I'm looking forward to planning everything else we want to do together now that the wedding is over. I think we should get started on planning a follow up honeymoon! I sure love you!

  2. You got the wedding pics I wanna see I WANNA SEE! Oh and I miss you! I think Ryder does too, I keep trying to teach him how to say mima but he just says mama but I know what he meant!