Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I waxed my armpits today.

Snappy headline? Boring blog stuff? I’ve read worse and much, much better!

I tend to blog surf a lot and have mentioned it before. On days that I am so tired from work or just too lazy to really accomplish anything, I find myself going from blog to blog looking for a good read. I have a huge list of “favorites” that I check in on once in a while. Today I spent a good two hours looking at them. Coupled with the last few days of laziness/surfing I have made some observations. I’m sure the words, “wow, she IS lazy” just went through your head. Probably. I worked three night shifts in a row after skiing a full day and my body went into shock/rebellion mode. Mix that in with the fact that Aunt Flow is on a flight into town and Matt and I had our first real fight, over something that I was right about. (Please keep in mind, she is on the flight) I can barely walk on my damn leg or say a nice word. On that note, I move on to the subject of this particular Blog.

I have yet to find a blog that is “musings” of a family with older kids. It would be so nice to see some funny pics and videos of teenagers. I personally have considered videotaping my daughter driving and posting it. It always ends up in a fight, no matter who she is driving with and especially with me. In my calmest voice I can say, ‘you need to get in the right lane” and she replies in that annoying teenager yell, “stop yelling at me!! You’re freaking me out”. Wouldn’t that be cute?? I guess because when they get to be teenagers, chit chatting about issues on the World Wide Web could make them just a little bit crazier. But dang, THAT would be fun! I bet I could get some pretty heavy sponsors if I threw in a 15 min. video of my 13 year old cleaning. Of course he is only cleaning so that he can be let free of the boredom of this house onto the mountain of snow and leaves his helmet in the locker at Brighton.

Some blogs, popular blogs, are really boring. I think a lot of success is brought to the infertile and tragic. I find absolutely no fault in this. Sometimes I’ll be up until late hours of the night reading blog after blog of tragedy. I am sure that what it does for them has nothing to do with my entertainment value or anyone elses.

Too bad they didn’t have blogging in 1989. Now that would have been interesting (OK, not so much). I’ve had kids for so long that no one even knows I had infertility problems and my first son is adopted. Someday I should write that story down. For now it is stored in the minds of me and my ex-husband. Told so many times that when Jake was about 3 he decided he wanted a “birth mother” too. What a crush to find out, at 3, that you only had one mom and that is all you would get.

Also in 1998, that would have made some very embarrassing to look back on blogging. Separated, left the church, divorce, move, nursing school AND some bad choices along the way that didn’t include any of the fore mentioned. I drank more then. Managed to raise some decent kids and never, ever was I a crack whore! Shout out to my friends that kept me sane and camping!

I also don’t have a fancy camera. I bought mine online on Costco for 215.00. I love it. It can take pictures fast, before my subject changes his/her/it’s mind. Of course, I am way too lazy to download the pics on a daily basis. Thus my “day” job.

So, although my blog is not necessarily humorous or complicated, it is there for my entertainment. My soapbox, if you will. Sometimes it’s funny (especially to me) and sometimes it’s just info. Hopefully I won’t look back and feel too bad about it. There is even a book on Amazon about blogging and 100 ideas for posts. Wow. I had no idea.

I do think mothers and fathers of teenagers should unite and post. Can you imagine the cooperation the youth would give us with the threat of public humiliation??

Hmmmmmmm. Just some deep thoughts…
Blog on.

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