Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who has a mic?

Every once in a while the planets align and a bunch of us from work get together ALL in one night. They were at my wedding (thank you!!!) and we put together a night of fun in May. We met at dinner (bringing all our sweeties with us) and then headed to Jen Q's house. It was a blast and I laughed SO hard!! Let's just say that I haven't heard karaoke brought to this level EVER!! Big thanks to Jen Q. for letting us use her house and her back yard. And if you are ever drinking with Danielle, just remember she doesn't think anyone's glass should be empty!!! What a fabulous group and I love being with all of them!

Don't you love my face in the middle pic?? I think that is before I hit Tera's teeth with the microphone.

Love you guys!!

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