Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking control of my cancer risks.

It has been over 14 years since my sister LeAnn was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought, won a 5 year reprieve and then lost a few years after that. She died in 2003 at the age of 44. I will download a pic of her soon and for those who didn't know her will realize the great loss she was. When my mom had a fight with breast cancer about 18 months ago, that was what threw me over the edge of fear. It's not a matter of IF I will get breast cancer, but when. Because of that and the fear I carried, I have really taken a proactive approach and my fear is all but gone. When I get it, the odds that it will be early and treatable are high!

SO, for the last 12 years I've been schlepping myself to St. Marks women's center for a little grope and press. The same lady has been giving me my physical exam. At what point do I take her a small gift or thank you card?? Although, this year I think she is loosing her appreciation. It's the first time she didn't compliment how real my implants feel! The shame!

I don't mind it and I make the summer my time to get all those appointments out of the way that help to detect cancer early. I feel so much more in control!

This is a pic of my special bracelet I get to identify me and I'm reaching for what they call the "cape". I personally liked the little robes better but I guess in this time of recession they feel the need to use less fabric. This way you can wear it like a cape during the actual test. It's hot.

Unfortunately, a young nurse in our unit was diagnosed with Melanoma and it had spread. She had two surgeries and is now going through chemo. I thought the reminder was a great time to get a total mole check and get some moles off that were considerably irritated.
I had to take pics to send to Matt and my friend Jen Q.

Thumbs up for wearing a hospital gown! I had to keep the socks on, without them I feel NEKKID!!

OK, I know I'm odd. But I think it's ironic that I was in a hospital gown. It could be lost on me.
Stay tuned for the dreaded PAP! Hehe.......I don't think I'll be taking pics. Or will I??

Blog ON!!! And do all your cancer screening appropriate for you sex and age!!

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