Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just a little skip past Christmas

No, I haven't got the Christmas pictures up yet, but frankly, our Christmas isn't over.  Next week is the Rydman family Christmas party/Matt's Birthday party.  We still have a tree up and everything.  I think that means I still have a week or so to work on pics.  YES!!

In the meantime.  The Subaru lease was about to expire and I had to figure something out.  I thought about it for about 9 months and finally decided to just turn in the Impreza and get a car that would be MINE.  I still love the Mitsubishi, but I decided to let the kids drive the car that is paid off and I'll drive the leased car.  I know leasing isn't every ones favorite way to go, but with leases so low and I know I want a new car about every 3 years then it is perfect for me.  I am so over fixing old cars and I'm committed to spoiling myself almost rotten!
So here is my new baby!
I like to call her Manny!

Here we are with our salesman, Manny who is showing us the ropes on his namesake.
Ohh...It's pretty and it's black.  Tinted windows are to come!!  So sexy and scandalous!
Subaru Legacy.  The closest you can get to a cool car in Subaru standards!  
Plus it has heated seats and satellite radio.  It even has heated mirrors and wipers!!  What??  So cool!

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