Friday, July 6, 2012

I'd stomp my feet, if I could

I wouldn't want to hurt my foot more and have to get another shot in my heel!  

Last night in the last 12 of my 24 hour shift, we got a call.  We (me, my medic and pilot) left about midnight and I crawled back into bed around 5am.  It was a great flight, but I didn't get any sleep before the call and very little after.  It makes for a cranky me for the day.  I finished my shift at 10am and the drive home was not bad at all.  I just stopped once when I was a little sleepy and bought delicious cashews. 

When I left the apartment in Rock Springs I saw these cows.  They look like they are made of wood and I have no idea why they are there.  Why would they be there?  So odd.

I have lots of stuff to do for work, the cabin,our calendar and finances that I attempted to sit on the couch with my blanket and get started.  First I had to pick out my pen/pencil from the stash I have in my computer bag.

What is wrong with this picture??

No blue pen.

I have to have a blue pen if I'm going to update the calendar.  CRANKY!

This doesn't make me cranky.  

It's a random plant that started growing in our flower beds and we've just let it go.  We've decided it's pumpkin.  Why is there a pumpkin plant (or 3 of them) randomly growing in my flower bed?   I haven't carved a pumpkin in years!  The mystery remains.  We almost want to keep it there just to see what happens.  I hope a HUGE pumpkin grows and when we carve's full of money.    It could happen.

I managed not to take a nap AND drag my ass to the gym.  To top off my day of cranky I am reminded that it will be another 11 days before I can run.  I promised myself I would do the elliptical or Pilate's every day.   So I "faux" stomped to the gym and spent the first 15 minutes on the machine so cranky I wanted to throw myself on the floor and throw a fit.  Thank goodness I didn't or I would have missed the end of "Undercover Boss".   I was impressed (in a bad way) of how CHEAP the Mr. 1-800-flowers boss is.  Usually they give cash and stuff.  This guys BIGGEST gift was naming a flower arrangement after one of his outstanding employees.  GAG!  Show me the money!  

I finished my 30 minutes and then did some machine work for a total of ONE hour of exercise.  I was sweating like a whore in church (teehee - I love that expression)  but it wasn't all from the workout.  The humidity in Salt Lake right now is 47%! 

It makes all my refreshing beverages look like this, with a big wet spot. 

This is an icy delight with NUUN in it.  NUUN is a tablet that has electrolytes and awesomeness in it and helps you stay hydrated and all around ninja like. I drink them when I am running and I like to have them after a flight for hydration.  I am trying a flavor I haven't tried before.  It's grape.  White grape apparently.

I swear by them when I run Ragnar's.  Check out their website:  NUUN  
It is the ultimate hydration.

Not a bad day all around.  My family had the entire house clean before I got home, I lost .7 lbs with only 6.7 to go, I finished my project for my work meeting on Monday and I have the entire weekend off!  

Maybe I can get some blog posts done on things I've been wanting to post about, but haven't had the time to get all the pictures together.  I think I will call them FLASHBACKS.  This way I can get some important fun pics up from the past year or so when I was lazy and not posting.  Maybe I'll start including my family in my blog posts too!  Ideas.  I got em!

Blog on.............

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