Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!

It's been a great day!! 

I was scheduled to work today at the hospital and they didn't need  me so I slept in.  Until 11.  BOOM.  Woke up and made my delicious tea and coconut milk.
I'm really getting use to the deliciousness!

Today is Valentines.  The first Valentines in years that I haven't had a sweetheart to celebrate with.  My plans for the evening is to have a delicious salad and leftover Asian Meatballs then watch a movie in bed.  It will be perfect.  There are worse things then being alone.  I've seen this saying a couple of times in different ways on Pinterest and it is so true.  Something I didn't understand until the last couple of years.  Really I don't think that Matt was ever intentional about making me feel alone, but I did.  I do have my wonderful doggies and my kids!  I am super lucky.

It's betteer to be alone than with someone who makes you FEEL alaone.

My Valentines day gift to me was a run!

Beautiful day, 43 degrees and blue skies.  I did an easy 3 miles to get my body back on the stick for next weeks Ragnar.  
PS.  43 degrees is about when you need to wear gloves. My hands were chilly!

Love my pink shoes, toeing the line!
I ran into a doctor I worked with at the hospital and one of her cute daughters commented on how pink they were.  So cute!

I also stopped by Trader Joes and Whole Foods to see if they had some of the ingredients that I would need for the Whole30 recipes I wanted to cook.  I scored at Whole Foods and found a couple of things I thought I'd have to buy online.

Red Boat Fish Sauce
Coconut Aminos (like soy sauce)

I know there is lots of coconut flour out there but this one seemed actually affordable.  YEAH!

I picked up some almond butter and trail mix for next weeks Ragnar.


I also decided to try Kombucha. 

I decided to start with the Synergy brand because it was flavored with some juice.  It is really good!  Just don't shake before opening.  My bad.  There is suppose to be some great health benefits to drinking this fermented tea occasionally and I thought I'd try it and if I like it I'll actually try to make my own.  You have to buy Kombucha starter but the recipe seems pretty easy.

Topped off with crunches.  Ab crunches! 

How was your Valentines?

Have you tried Kombucha? What is your favorite brand/flavor?  

Blog on............


  1. I wish we could have an eating meet-up so I could ask you a million questions about your eating. We have actually been making our own kombucha (and kefir). My husband loves the stuff!

    1. I'm going to have to make the bottle and I'm hooked! I love to talk about food, eating, deliciousness.

  2. yesss for sleeping in!
    There is nothing better than gifting yourself with a run!