Monday, April 1, 2013

Jelly Bean Virtual Race

Bet you thought I forgot about it.  No way, Jose!  I actually ran it the day before my surgery.  

My top even looked like a Jelly Bean.  

I ran the 5K.  When I signed up for the race I didn't know I was going to have surgery on my foot.  I actually scheduled the surgery so that I could run it.  I hate backing out on things.

It was a beautiful day!  I enjoyed the run immensely although it's a little disheartening how much speed and strength I have lost since November.  

Boom.  Done.
Yes I know a 5K is 3.1 miles but I missed the 3.1 and ended up doing 3.2.  Does that mean I won?  Hahaha

Do you see that orange Port-a-potty?  I love it!  Thank goodness for it because after my run I needed it and the regular bathrooms were locked! It's magical!

My medal and bib.  If I didn't complete I would have to return the medal and I didn't want to do that! (medal whore)

A race like this would be fun to do with some friends too.  If I didn't have surgery I would have tried to complete both the half and 10K just for fun.  

Maybe next year you can join me!

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  1. ummm.... your 5K time is great to me:) And you just had surgery??

  2. Thanks. I was just feeling slow. My PR last year at Top of Utah was 9 min/miles. I had surgery the day after I ran this. I've had pain and issues with my heel and my podiatrist and I tried everything. He did a relatively new procedure on my heel that involves taking out some scar tissue. He found a big lump of it where most of my pain is. I'm in a walking boot until this Friday and then I start transitioning to a shoe. I'll be running by the end of May.
    The things we do to run...

  3. Good job!!! I did the half and was veru excited about the medal! :)