Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running! Race!

My running rehab is going fabulously! 
I have had to adjust the schedule to fit when I work but I'm able to keep right on schedule.  I've also managed to get my cross training classes done too!

If you have ever taken a Barr class you know it can actually be spelled....PAIN.  Awesome pain!

My last run was outside in Rock Springs during my time off.  The run felt easy and quite effortless.  I am trying very hard to use the principles I've learned from the book Chi Running.  It is definitely a work in process but I'm amazed how easy it makes running feel.  I am a little out of sorts with my running stuff and I took pants that didn't have pockets and didn't have any way to carry anything.  I headed out the door with my keys in one hand and a couple of pieces of gum in the other.  My Shaka Laka was tucked safely in my running bra.  Just as I was turning the corner and my Garmin kicked in I realized that I forgot my music.  No problem, I just ran without music.  It was pretty good.  I know it was a short run, but without anything but my Garmin I felt lighter and stronger.  I'm sure it's all in my head, but that's good enough for me!

I'm pretty sure treadmills are the devil.

Last week I went to the local gym in Rock Springs to get my run on.  It was too dark to run outside and I wanted to stay close since I was still on duty.  I picked the treadmill that looked the best (They all looked slightly sketchy) and started my run.  I learned 2 things very quickly.

1.  Running form suffers on the treadmill
2.  This treadmill was possessed and it was trying to electrocute me.  

Every time I touched the thing it shocked me and if I got close to the front the hair on my arms would stand up.  I considered changing treadmills for a moment and then decided to just finish off.  I only had to run a total of 20 minutes, and I survived. 

I've been wanting to do this race for about 6 months.

Yep, it's an Idaho Potato run.  I will not be running the Marathon, of course, but I am signed up for the 5K.  It's in Boise, Idaho and I'm going with my buddies Paul and Susan and staying with Susan's sister Lesa.  I love hanging with these great folks and I'm excited that they are inviting me.  I'm registered and ready to go!!  A weekend away, lots of laughs, great friends and a little run should be just the feel good ticket I need right now.  It will work perfectly with my training too.  I will not be doing it for time but this new form running has me going a little faster then usual.  Foot safety is the priority...oh and fun.   Lots of fun.

Crack of Dawn last year.  (I really want to do this one again...Paul?  Suze?)

I can't even remember what race this was.  Cookie Chaser 2012?
That is Susan's sister there with us.  

Last year in the heat of the WestFest.

Yeah for getting back to running and super YEAH for getting to race again.  It's my favorite thing to do, especially with wonderful friends!

When you run a race with friends do you stay together?

For the most part I don't and neither do my friends.  We are all at different speeds and methods.  But it's great to start together and celebrate after!

Blog on................


  1. I don't always stay with my friends at a race, but if I finish before them (or vice versa), I go back and run it in with them. But on the flip side, I've had people stay with me for runs, and I love it!

  2. It depends on the race and who it is. If it is my local running group, we meet before and after the race. If I travel to a race and meet a runner friend and hardly see that person, I will run the race with them to chit chat and spend time together.