Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's my blog and I'll swear if I want to...

Not really, I don't have anything to swear about.  I'm not talking about the big ones, just the easy slips....

I have so many great ideas for blogging and I'm a little sad that I'll never post them.  OK, I may post some, but this is my journal of sorts and this summer has proved I'm not in the mood to write in my journal.  For a little bit I thought that maybe I was a little depressed (Low in spirits, dejected).  Then I thought I was just apathetic (Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent).  I think it's a combination of being lazy and just not caring too much.  


Not sure where it comes from but probably a mix of picking up another job, the divorce, more responsibilities and i love being able to spend time just doing nothing.  

But I have been running.  I ran 10 miles on the trail last week and 8 miles today.  
Why I run in the mountains.  This was my turnaround point.

Great trails and nice and cool.

I love taking pictures of awesome trails.  Especially going downhill.

My camelbak is smaller so I threw on my RooSport so I would have more storage for the longer run.

I've also FINALLY set aside time to work on my office.  I gave up trying to cut in the entire room so I taped.  But then I forgot to prime over the ceiling paint that got on the walls.  Let's just say I had some touching up to do around the top.

Getting stuff together.

Taping, taping, taping.  Prepping takes FOREVER!

Three walls done.

 The accent wall.
It was left over from my son's room.  I really love the colors.
It doesn't have primer in it like the tan color.  I wish I would have noticed that before I did two coats. 

This mornings run.
It has been very humid for Utah.  I'm getting use to the insane sweating I do when I run. I need to put together a better training schedule but I'm sure enjoying the runs I get done.

Other things that have happened.
My parents came over for dinner.  It was Austins birthday and he was going to go out of town.  So nice to have the parents over.  I don't think I have ever seen my dad without his calendar and pen in his pocket.  Ever.

Ran the Epic Relay.
Met some great people.
Had a really good time!

Took my first ice bath with an entire bag of ice.
It was after my 10 mile trail run.
Check out the ankle tan lines and the dirty feet.  Bad ass huh?

Work, work, work.
This was on my way for team pictures.  
Just so you know, my flight suit is really black.  Even with minimal clothing underneath I think I lose a little bit of my soul every time I have to be outside in it during this oppressive humid heat.
OR..I could be exaggerating.
It's just hot!

So that's whats happening.  
Hoping to get back in the groove but not certain I will.  

I do Instagram every day and sometimes it's even entertaining!

Buddahkat is a nickname/username from about 15 years ago.  It is derived from Saturday Night Live and "Coffee Talk".....Mike Myers.  When he says, "Like buddah" meaning smooth, like butter.  It has nothing to do with Buddha.  

When you feel like doing nothing, do you feel depressed, lazy or just unmotivated?

Trail running, love it? hate it?

Blog on................ 


  1. When I feel like doing nothing, I feel depressed, lazy, unmotivated, and usually a tiny bit joyful that I'm able to just be.

    I've only run on two trails, and I loved them both. Florida trails are nothing like Utah trails, though! Beautiful pictures! Oh, I guess maybe the humidity is the same...

    1. I can guarantee that the humidity is not the same! This summer is so much more humid that it just feels like it could be!