Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Training for Half Marathon

Well, I've signed up, committed and now I'm ready to start actually training for something!!  WOOT WOOT

I actually started my training in January.  It's been a busy few months, naturally.  I found my training plan on RunKeeper. I paid for the Elite status which is 20 bucks a year.  I couldn't pass on the deal, I was so impressed with their training plans.  I like having a plan but of course I don't/can't always follow them.  They have plans of all types.  I started out with the 2 hour half marathon training plan and then moved to the 2:15 half marathon plan.   The two hour one was just a little too intense and I'm not doing this half marathon to break any records but to ease back into my running without getting hurt again.  

I'll be running the Salt Lake Half Marathon on April 19th.  Because it's a local race bunches of my favorite runners will be running it too!!!  

Here is an example of January.  The orange are the skipped ones and the red are the ones I just didn't acknowledge.  I have an app on my phone that is GPS and I can add music to.  I stopped using it as my primary GPS because I feel like it's a little fast and stick with my time/distance on the trusty ole Garmin 305.  

So far everything is going pretty well.  The usual problems have come up.  Not enough time to get in the runs and the Pilates classes I want to do, a few sore muscles here and there and general panic on my time limitations.  I have been very careful to listen to my body and rest/sleep/hydrate when it wants to and I've been very lucky.  Except this week I'm sick.  First time all winter.  This post is brought to you by my annoying head cold. 

I took off the week from running.  Usually I would just get some OTC cold meds and go about life as I want it to go.  Now that I have to fly for my job I don't want to risk a sinus or ear infection which would keep me out of work until it cleared up.  I struggle to sit around, unless I have something to do.  

One thing that is never lacking is running selfies. If there is no picture - did it really happen??

Yeah buddy!  

oh and here is a picture of me dancing
So I have that going on for me if the Flight Nurse thing falls through.
I was 2 with a saggy diaper and YES, I am owning it!

The running has been amazing for my well being.  But I don't have to tell other runners that.  It's a life saver.  I look forward to feeling better and getting back out on the road.  In the meantime I'm thinking of giving up sugar for Lent.  Just because.  Plus my friend Missy, who is an ultra runner does it.  Why not?  Now I must go get cookies to finish the last day of sugar coma!

Are you training for anything exciting?

Giving up anything for Lent?

Love running in the cold?
          I don't love running in the cold, but this year I dialed in my outfit to cover a run in 18 degrees (with little wind).  I started really liking it.  Weird.  

Blog on...................


  1. That's right buddy, you OWN it! It's always easier to train if you have a goal in mind, I think. Best of luck training for the SL half!

  2. That DOES seem like an awesome running app! I should use it to train for the Bryce Canyon half. Good luck on the SLC half! I can't wait to hear how you do! You are a speed demon, that's for sure!!!!!

    1. I'm really not fast but I'm addicted. I suspect you are too! Someday we will run together again!

  3. Training is always exciting!!! I hope you are getting over this head cold fast.