Monday, November 3, 2014

Name that RELAY!!

Help us pick an Ultra Ragnar Relay name.  Me and 5 crazy friends are running the Del Sol Ragnar as a Masters Ultra Team. 

I did not make up all these names.  Some were ideas I found on the internet and some were the other team members ideas.  Hint.  The dirtier the name the older the person who's idea it was.  That's what getting old is about.   Oh...I love memes.

Give me your top FIVE!!!  

Because this dog is badass  PBR!

The aches and pains ultra
Older Slower and Lower
Naptime at the Finish line
The Ice Pack Ultra
Master Minds
Fruit Loops
Six Senior Suckers
Masters of Cowbell
Master Ultra Disaster  (MUD)
What’s the number for 911?
The Pace Makers
May the course be with GU
Not dead yet (monty python reference)
Six Pack Mismatch

Old enough to know better
The longer we go the harder it gets
It will get hard tonight
12 Runners, we don’t need no stinkin 12 runners
We may are old, but we sure are slow
What’s the hurry, Mesa will still be there
6 runners don’t smell as bad as 12

Maybe I'll blog more.......BAHAHAHA

The young and the rest of us
Off like a prom dress
Your pace or mine
Easier said then run
Lost in pace
How the west was run

My inner runner.  This race scares me.

Blog on..........


  1. So what did it end up being?

    You're as timely a blogger as I am :)

    I LOVE your new tattoo.

    1. I haven't decided yet. Poor feedback. I think I like Older, slower and lower or Six senior suckers. Yeah, I love to blog but I have zero motivation. It's so much more fun to lay in bed watching home improvement shows and eating snacks.
      Thanks! I love it!