Friday, August 29, 2008

THE Engagement

I have been single for....ohhh.......about 10 years. The first five I spent re-living, or living my college years by,
A. going to college and
B. partying like a college student.
This intertwined with single motherhood and divorce. It was a challenge, but I was up to it!! I graduated from Westminster college with BS degree in nursing in 2003 AND all my kids are alive and functioning!
Last week Matt and I were in San Francisco having a mini vacation and Matt was working a little. On thursday night we were having dinner at a fancy italian restaurant by the wharf and I thought, " ohhh........I wonder if this is it!!". (I had already picked out the ring) It wasn't it. Unfortunately for us, there was a DOG in the restaurant, sitting right next to me. It wasn't mine, but the owner sure was proud to have this particular animal in a fancy restaurant. I don't know who's palmed she greased to get him in, but after she was done eating, she let her dog lick the plate!! Isnt' that sweet?? We are both dog lovers, having 3 between us, but it just wasn't a place for a dog.
Matt just wasn't in the mood to ask me to marry him AND pet the dog at the same time. He went into back up plan. We went to the top of the Hilton on O'Farrell St., had a couple of drinks and he asked me there. The setting was perfect, the ring is perfect and he is perfect!!

We have absolutely no idea when or where we are getting married, but it will happen. It most likely won't be a big shin-dig. This isn't our first marriages, but it WILL be our last marriages.

Now, for a moment of silence for the princess cut, for the princess!!

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