Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tending Pud

Last night Matt and I had the awesome privilege of tending grandson Pud. We called him Pud in the womb and can't seem to bring ourselves to call him anything else. Frankly, we were very excited and had planned the night out with a walk outside and lots of cuddling and smooches. Things went beautifully. Matt put him in the little front pack and we walked to "ooh Sushi",(mmmm...delicious) to get dinner. I swear Pud was flirting with the cashier. He was sound asleep when we walked in, popped open his eyes and starting smiling at her. Although we were dying to tell her he was our grandson and how cute he was, she didn't ask, darn it!! There was a second time on the street, but that lady didn't ask either. I thought of flagging down a car on 33rd to let them know that, YES, he was our grandson and YES, he was adorable!!

Matt and I took turns holding him, smooching him, playing with him and walking, walking, walking. Pud is pretty sure that when he decides it's time to walk around, it's TIME!! He does the cutest little boo boo face, but doesn't necessarily commit to an actual cry.


Daniel won his first Oly Bantam football game of the season!!! He did great, the team did great and we stomped Copper Hills 13-12. hehe Props to Daniels dad for being the Head Coach this year and big brother Austin for coaching the line. What a great day!!

Wedding month is most likely March. I welcome any thoughts or ideas. We are leaning towards a nice dinner with a little wedding in the beginning!!

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