Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Race Day

Last Saturday, Matt, Daniel and I went to my good friends Paul and Susan's house. It was a pinewood derby like I have never been to before! (Like I have been to many Pinewood Derby's)Paul had the track all layed out and a scale for the cars. All the rules were followed to a T! The interesting thing about this race, besides that it was at a house and not a church, is the adults had cars also. Daniel had made one and Paul needed to have one extra car so I raced one that Paul had made, it was gold! OH MY! (Did I mention there was beer and wine there also??) The race was a beautiful mix of adults and children, running along the track, cheering for their cars! I made it into the final 6, but was DQ'd in the end. Daniels car did well, but was a little slow. He only worked on it for a couple of days, it was a last minute thing. We are making our comeback plans already!! Here is a couple of pics from the big show. I had number 22, Daniel number 21, Gary 20, and Sara 19. Paul's is a smidgen on the "retentive" side...........hehehe. That's what you gotta love about him! Susan made us a delicious feast of finger foods and frankly it was a great night out! I haven't seen them in ages and I think I just may be dropping by again soon!
(Pardon the screwy pics.....I just can't seem to get this blog edit html thingy...)

Race day lineup!!

Daniels car

My golden ticket!


Paul and I are quite competitive!!!

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