Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Together, Matt and I have 3 dogs. Yep, three. I have a Boston Terrier named Zoe, who is about 10 years old and I rescued a wonderful Flat coated retriever from the animal shelter last year named Ted. We think he is about 4 years old. Matt comes into my life with an adorable, yet cranky, 10 year old Lab and we think there is a mix of something there too. He, of course, adopted her from certain death at the shelter when she was just a little wee one. Our life is filled with dog food, dog s**t, water dishes and dog hair, with a little bit of entertainment intertwined. Chili is just cranky enough that we thought in the beginning that we would have to live separately for who knows how long. Luckily, after many long walks with all dogs, we all live as a happy little family in a house where NO one walks by without severe warning and reprimands from all three of our canine companions. We also do a lot of vacuuming, laundry and tape rolling. The pleasure and company of our dogs make it completely worth it. Chili loves to honk me in the crotch when I get home and top it off with a little welcome lick (smooch) on the leg. All three of them will follow you around in the morning, like some kind of special dog experience awaits them at the beginning of the day.

One of the fun things about our pooches, is the injuries. Last Thanksgiving, Jake was playing ball with Ted and Ted failed to see the large concrete wall and ran into it face first. Yeah, we went to the PetER for his laceration to his lip. Zoe hurt her neck over last winter and we spent many dollars and many hours taking care of her. It was scary and we thought we were going to loose her, but she is back to jumping up on the bed at night for a little rub down and always leaving us with the loudest fart I have EVER heard on any dog!!

Unfortunately, both Ted and Chili LOVE the tennis ball. If there is a tennis ball in site, the two of them WILL be starring at it. Once in a while if there is the slightest bit of confusion as to whom should have the ball, they will get in a little scuffle. They have been in a few of them, but nothing too bad. Tuesday, Ted should have let Chili have the ball. Either that or keep his ears out of her mouth. Matt's guilt ridden trip to the PetER landed Ted in the slammer over night for general anesthetic and stitches. He's back, all is well and except for the Pilgrim collar and the sweet head wrap, Ted is going to be just fine.

"Oh, how embarrassing"

Sporting his new head wrap.....homies!!

Zoe and Daniel

Chili LOVES the naptastic chair

Ted's commitment to the ball! He paced around it and "watched" it for quite a while!!

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