Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Technology, the SD card dilemma and late night doggy torture.

Last Sunday I returned from a wonderful five day trip to Lake Powell. I took Samantha and Daniel and we met my family there. What a great and relaxing time we had. Unfortunately, my camera hit the deck too hard and broke on about day two. No problem, all my pics are on an SD card and I will just download them to the computer and work with them from there. The camera wouldn't stay on long enough to download them and the slot that I SWEAR was in my computer was not there! Somewhere, somehow, I swore I had a slot for the SD card!!! Tomorrow I will be heading to the local electronics store for a SD transfer do-dad.

The great news is that I bought a nifty new camera from Costco online. Does it get any better then being able to buy Costco products from the comfort of my own couch while watching football??? I am pretty sure it does not! I hope it is here before Saturday and I can get some tight action shots of Daniel playing football and kickin some a**!! The bad news, it will be a day or so before I can download pics and blog some sweet thoughts on the heaven we call Lake Powell.

It's 3 am and if your pondering my sanity and ability to be up at this time, you are about to find out.

About 30 minutes ago, Zoe decided that she was going to relive the "before doggy door" days. She woke me up with a whine with commitment!! I got up and opened the back door and she dissed me and walked the other way. She is old and cranky and frankly does some bitchy things to see if I'll jump through the hoops. I was suckered, at 2:30 am no less.

While opening and closing the door, using precious energy, I noticed that the dogs "water fountain" water dish was disgustingly dirty and in need of urgent attention that only screamed at me until the early morning hours. It's a cumbersome dish, but has a little water fountain and holds an amazing amount of water. I've psyched myself into thinking the mucho cash-o that I spent on it is actually helping the dogs stay hydrated. So I grabbed it as well as I could and was tenuously walking to the sink when, "BAM"!! Ted had stepped on the cord and I dropped it on the kitchen floor, prompting Matt's untimely awakening and worried yell from the bedroom. Embarrassingly, I ran in and explained that cleaning the dogs water dish had hit a snag (Ted's foot) and I was sorry. I cleaned up the water, cleaned out the dish (gag!!), wiped off the supposed "floor protector" and refilled the beverage dispenser with clean fresh tap water.

Thus my journey to the couch with my laptop and its 3am. I wonder where princess Zoe is?? Oh wait, she is sleeping soundly, cuddled in all her favorite blankets, comforted in the knowledge that she has a fresh water fountain to drink from and she still has the ability to get mom out of bed in the middle of the night. bitch.

Queen Zoe

Blog on.....

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