Friday, September 26, 2008

Dinner with Corinne and Logan

It's really bad when you are so busy, that you don't even see your own kids. Matt and I FINALLY made it to Corinne and Logan's new house on Tuesday. They were able to move into a house in the avenues that his parents own and are not using too much now. What a beautiful house!! And boy, did they make a delicious dinner!!

Me, Matt and Logan

Logan and Corinne. Logan just couldn't get the double flash thing down....haha

Daniel played us some tunes on Logan's guitar. He's a great guitar player.

Me and Matt.

For some reason, we didn't get a pic of Sami at the dinner, so here she is as we left the house.

The food was delicious, the company was great and I'm thinking I hope we get invited again!

Blog on....

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  1. Hi Kathee! It was so fun to hear from you. Congratulations on your engagement!! That is so exciting. I'm so happy you have a blog, now Zach and I can see what you're up to. : )

    Take care!