Friday, September 26, 2008

New Camera

When we were at Lake Powell, my camera had an unfortunate run in with the houseboat floor. It didn't fair well and I was forced to make the decision to fix it or buy a new camera. Frankly, camera's are so cheap and I was unhappy with my old camera and it's ability to take "sport" pics. So I looked around and ended up ordering one from Costco online. What a sweet deal!! It has the 10 megapixals and great zoom. It even has the sport setting with a 3 picture burst feature. Granted, it is going to take me a year to learn to use it, but I sure love it. When the flash is needed, it just pops up. Very high-tech!

In trying out my camera, I got a few fun pics. I also FINALLY got some decent pics of two of my boys. Daniel hates having his picture taken and I just never see Jake. Here is some fun ones I snatched.

Daniel hanging out at the dinner table.

Daniel and Zoe, and doesn't Zoe look more then happy to be there!!

Sami took an action shot of Jake and I downstairs after discussing laundry. INTENSE!!

My 17 year old, Jake. What a cutie!!

Jake and I. It's almost too much hottie to handle!!

Last Saturday, we had Pud over for some sittin and smoochin. We try to give Rachelle and Chris some time off once in a while, and I think they need to take more time off!! haha. I broke out the new camera and was taking pics of the baby. The flash on my camera, flashes at least once before it really flashes for the actual picture. In some of these, Daniel was holding him and I was taking pictures. Daniel would laugh at Pud's face when the flashes went off and then Pud would look at Daniel and laugh. So cute!! Damn I love my family!!

Daniel and Pud hanging out on the couch.

The way surprised smile!!

I love this look. It's almost like whatever we were doing was only worth HALF of a smile.

Pud, checking out Daniel. I think he likes him.

Happy Mima and Pipa here. Matt looks like he's thinking something dirty!! Either that or he's working on his "Myspace" look. Either way, I am just glad his eyes are open with all those flashes and stuff!!

Oh happy days!!

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