Friday, September 26, 2008

Football 08

For the past 8 years I have had one or two boys playing football every fall. I love little league football!! I have had so much fun watching all my boys play every year. I have even dragged myself to games after a night shift. If I am in town, I will be there!! I rarely even go out of town so I can see them. I even manage my work schedule around the games.

Every year is something different. One year there will be hardly a game won and the next year, we make it to the finals. The main goal is always accomplished - the boys work hard and have fun!! Unfortunately, none of them have gone on to play even high school football and it doesn't look good for Daniel. He is getting more involved in the guitar then football, so this may be his last year. I still may be at the sidelines........crazy loud lady!!

At the end of the season I will certainly do a long post with lots of pictures, highlighting the skills of Daniel and his team. But for now, just a little taste of all the fun we have at the games.

Last week, my friend Meggan and her brother, along with Matt, were responsible for the "chain gang". Oh yeah, they are the ones that made sure that every yard counted. That the downs were correct and the game ran smoothly. Thought you'd appreciate some pics from the fun we had. I personally found myself a little lonely - having to sit on the sidelines alone.


Daniel is always tucking in his pants.

His friend Chase is always sucking on his mouth piece


Meggan (Chase's mom), Matt and Meggan's brother. (Name?? I forget..sorry)

Matt concentrating and reviewing the play.

Matt's action shot!!

Meggan and brother's action shot. Thank god they were there to keep the ref's straight!!

Austin is an assistant coach.....Does it get any cooler then that?? That's my boy!!
More then another month to go! I look forward to some more braggin and posting.


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