Saturday, October 18, 2008

Football Fun

Every year my parents try to make it to at least one football game of each grandchild. They have lots of grand kids and so making it to every event is impossible. This was Daniels week. My parents drove up to Park City to check out Daniels skills!

My mom came prepared with many blankets and her winter coat. The weather was cool and sunny and wonderful. Unfortunately, this is what they saw of Daniel.

On the beginning kick off he was hit and fell onto his wrist in a very bad way. He looks white huh? Well, he almost passed out and then it took about an hour before he didn't feel like he was going to puke and started to get color back. Very painful injury indeed.

Here he is after we finally took his stuff off and his dad (aka Head Coach) gave him his sunglasses.

We gave him some Gatorade and I kept track of his neuro status, which is a fancy med-speak way of saying I asked him every once in a while how he was feeling. Lots of parents were concerned and he ended up with plenty of blankets and lots of advice. Finally he decided he could sit up, right around half time.

He wanted to stay and support his teammates, which did an excellent job even without their tallest man on the line. Olympus won by about 3 touch downs. It was one of the best playing I had seen them do. Props to the great coaches, especially Daniels dad, Bill and his brother, Austin. After the game we headed to St. Marks (the U's ER was busy) and had it XRay'd.

The swollen arm.

Thumbs up for quick service at St. Marks!!
Not a fracture, just a bad sprain. Of course we will have it checked out if they are wrong and it's still swollen in about 3-5 days.
The good news is, we scored this sweet arm brace in dark blue AND he may be able to play next Saturday!! If they win next Saturday, it's off to the playoffs.



  1. Poor Danny! I'm glad he's ok It looks like that hurt a lot! You've been to the ER a lot this year..

  2. Why is Austin wearing a hood?? haha

  3. That isn't Austin. Austin is a coach. I don't think he would ever wear horizontal stripes...hahaha

  4. Ouch that sucks that he got hurt!!! Looks like everyone else is doing good though. Glad St. Mark's treat you good, after all they did tell US that Mark's foot was Not broken and we know how that turned out. I am glad Danny is Okay. I wish we could have come to some of his games.