Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doubting Disney

I haven't been a big fan of Disneyland since my ex-husband and I took our kids, as promised, six months after we separated. So when Matt invited me to go to Orlando with him, I had no idea how deeply sucked into Disney World that it would take me. Matt came for a conference and he had no idea either. The cab alone to the hotel cost the same as it costs to take a limo/town car to AND from Manhattan from JFK. Plus you are at least 15-20 miles from ANYTHING besides Disney stuff. Unless you have your own car you are stuck there for everything. The very large resort has plenty of things to choose from in both entertainment and food, it's just the whole idea that I have to give my money to one big company. SO, I was there to relax and I determined to do it. I had get a map of all the pools in order to find what I wanted, but once I was there, it was nice.

I settled in with a good book and then they brought me this:

A delicious refreshing beverage!! I was in heaven and spent about 3 hours, 4 refreshing beverages and many pages into a good book there. AHHHHHhhhhh!!!

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