Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chili Dog

On Sunday morning (November 30) Matt took Chili on a walk up by his parents house in Duchesne. Chili had spent the night cuddling up to him and was ready to head outside with a stick in her mouth. She loved sticks..and tennis balls. Some time into the walk, she fell down, yelped and died. Just like that.

We have since found out the dogs can have sudden death, but we are not thrilled about how we had to find out. Matt called me at work on Sunday morning and it's made for a rough couple of days, trying to concentrate on work. Matt is totally heartbroken, as is the rest of our family. Chili could not have died in happier circumstances for her. She had her "daddy" all to herself and she was taking him for a walk, with her stick. Matt was up at his parents and so he had their support and were able to bury her under a tree on their property, so we can visit her grave.

I am so glad she has spent the last 3 months living here. She took our dog count to three and three dogs is 10 times the craziness and fur. Her and Ted had lots of fun playing and enjoyed many walks. She wasn't thrilled to give up her side of the bed to me, so we finally compromised and she laid on the couch. She could lay there and watch out just in case (god forbid) anything walks by. You couldn't eat a piece of toast without her staring you down. She was sure she "stare" you into getting that piece of crust, which she usually did. Most of all she was a loving and loyal dog.

Now when we come home, instead of two big dogs to great us (Zoe is a little more delicate in her greetings) we only have one. Ted has been going to the door and looking in the breezeway where Chili usually eats and starts whining. Matt and his girls have had Chili for almost 9 years and it is truly a heartbreaking situation.

The house is quiet without her.

RIP Chili Dog ...gone too soon.


  1. Kathee, this is so sad! I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Chili. It sounds like she was having a great time and didn't suffer. This is still so heartbreaking, though.

  2. Oh that is so sad! I am sorry you had your dog die. I am sure you guys will miss her.