Friday, December 5, 2008


We had Thanksgiving on Friday this year. I had to work on Thanksgiving and if we had it on Friday then more of Matt's family could come. Matt's mom and dad, Al and Sue; his daughters both came and their sweeties/husbands and my two older boys. We had a great time and fabulous food!! Matt and I cooked using a lot of recipes from a magazine I found and frankly it turned out DELICIOUS!! Who knew I could make a cheesecake???

From the left; Austin, Jake, Al, Sue, Matt, Logan, Corinne, Rachelle and Chris.

We bought a new table two days before, LOVE IT! Here is the start of our table. Please don't tell Martha - I am just not a great table decorator. I make up for it with my sparkling personality though!!

Mmmmmm...........carrots!! Next year it will be PIE!

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