Friday, February 27, 2009

Awful Wedding Preparations!!

I can hardly STAND IT!!

First, I have to get a facial WITH a lash dye and eyebrow wax.
THEN, I have to watch Matt pay for the venue.
AFTER THAT, It's off to get a marriage license. (Is it me or every time I hear the word Marriage - I think of that guy in Princess Bride - MAAWWIGE) Also, there is a handy take home pamphlet to help you recognize and avoid the pitfalls of a failing marriage, i.e. stonewalling.

I digress,
THE FINAL STRAW - was a great night with my fiance at the Kura Door spa!!!
A glass of red wine, some deli food..........damn my life sucks!! hehehe
Now I'm going to have to go cuddle with the ole' man.

Ball and Chain........

Blogon friends!!

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  1. Super bummer. I don't know how you survived! What a brave soul.