Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bob and Marcene

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a shareholder's meeting for Brighton Bank. I own a small fraction of stock. It was awesome. The content of the meeting was interesting, but seeing my Dad and how hard he has worked and how far he has come in life was fabulous! The meeting was held at the new CCI Mechanical Education Center in the Robert E. Taylor meeting room. How cool is that?? My dad started CCI before I was even born and with his partner made it into a great company. Now he is involved with Brighton Bank and continues to be very successful. How lucky am I to have a dad that has such a great work ethic and is also a honest, kind man.

Of course, behind every successful man is a great woman. That is very true with my Mom. She has defied all odds and walked when she was told she wouldn't, had kids when she was told she wouldn't (8 in fact) and continued to lead a long successful life. My mom stayed home and took excellent care of us and managed a household in such a way to contribute to my parents success.

So if you didn't know before - I thought I'd just mention that I think my parents are WONDERFUL!!

The company my dad started: CCI Mechanical.
Yeah, That's my dad!!

Little happy smiley face!!
He's smiling because Brighton Bank is a great SAFE bank to put your money in.

My dad conducting business. Making a point with his left hand - since the right is in a sling.
(See skiing blog)

More Business.
Yeah, I'm braggin...
Blog on..

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