Monday, February 16, 2009

Taylor Family Skiing

On February 5th (notice how I have to date them because I am so far behind on this week), I wanted to go skiing. Matt was working and I thought it would be fun to go with my sister, Caroline. We talked and decided to go, we were going to take her youngest Matthew, since he was off track (break in year round school). Then I texted my dad and asked him if he wanted to go and since my brother, Brad works up at the Brighton clinic every Thursday I figured we could meet up with him. It was very impromptu with about a day's notice. I was really pretty glad that Matthew was coming with us so that MAYBE everyone wouldn't notice was a "novice" I was.

My brother Brad. He's smiling. He assures me.

My beautiful sister, Caroline and her son Matthew.

My dad. He's 76 and still ski's better then I.

On the lift and ready to go!!

A beautiful day!!

I know what you are thinking. Damn! Those are some great genetics!! I am very lucky. Although I don't think, OK, I KNOW I'm not considered the "athlete" of the family, we have some great genetics to work with. Of course, the looks....well, I guess you can't tell so much from these pics but we come from a long line of hotties!

After about the third run, my dad and I went to find Brad at the clinic to go with us. On the way down the hill my dad fell. It was one of those....I'm not gonna fall..loosing my balance...oh crap here I go...Falls. While he fighting gravity I am chanting in my head..HIP! HIP! SHOULDER! SHOULDER!! Working in nursing, I have forbid my father to get on a ladder and ESPECIALLY roofs and here I am watching him. He, of course, falls and I help him up and he gets up. He's not a big faller and probably hasn't turfed it in 10 years - so I think he himself was a little shocked. He told me his shoulder hurt a little and he looked fine so we headed off to the clinic.

Brad showed me around the clinic....FYI - never get a foley there. I think it expired 6 years ago. Other then that they have the skills to patch up a few bones, suture a few ouchies and send off the bad injuries to something better. They even have a sparky. Although, I wouldn't recommend coding outside of a full service hospital. My dad asked my brother to check his shoulder and when he took off his shirt, this is what we saw.

Now, I'm not even an E.R. nurse or an orthopedic surgeon, so I was stumped. It felt very hard, but when he kept his arm down it relaxed. Brad wasn't sure either. We were looking at the anatomy posters. What good are two R.N.'s in the family??? WELL, I can take a pic without getting too grossed out! Muscles and tendons are so not my thing and so my dad put on his coat, skied 2 more runs with us and then ate lunch. After that we headed back down the mountain. By the time we got to his van, he was ready to go to the instacare.

Ends up to be a torn AC.

The moral to this story. My dad is so much tougher then Chuck Norris's dad! Torn ac? Paashaw!!! I'll keep skiing!!

Later, he told me "If you ski faster you won't have to work so hard". GASP!! Now I know where I get my "openness" and ability to give my opinion even without being asked.

Matthew did wonderful and in the end I was the slowest. I want to get better and on my last ski trip ended up doing a lot more fries then pizza. I loved being with my family and especially my dad. I hate that he and my mom have to get older. I don't think anyone is ready for it, but to be able to spend quality time with my family really is a blast!!

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