Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jake's has a(nother) trip to the E.R.

On Wednesday, February 4th, Jake called me from the skate park. He had rolled his ankle and was REALLY feeling it. Since this is our 6th or 7th trip to the E.R. in a year long period, you can imagine my excitement. I grabbed the crutches that he used when he was younger and picked him up. We headed over to the U and even though I work there, I will probably never ever ever visit their E.R. again, unless I am a trauma. (god forbid!!)

Our start in the waiting room. Can you see his excitement. He was in a LOT of pain and we waited over an hour.

I took a picture of security watching us. HELLO! Lurch! hehe. Once they took us back and took off his sock then he started to really feel it! We went through "fast track" and the doctor asked Jake what his pain was, then proceeded to send us back to our very un-private room without an order for any pain medicine....????

Pictures of the clock. They put us in a room with three "lazy boys" and we waited there for x-rays and he finally received some pain medicine. Soon after we were joined by "kidney stones" and "mva/neck pain". The nurse was quite adamant about making sure I knew that the lazy boys were for patients and not me and I'd have to move when a patient came. "Kidney stones" got outta there pretty quick and then they decided they wanted more x-rays, not just his ankle but Jake's foot - ya know, where the swelling was! So we waited almost 2 hours for them to do that and get the x-ray back. Jake's dad joined us in the end and we finally got out of there around 9pm. We arrived around 430.

The hurt foot that everyone who came into the room almost hit. Jake must have been feeling good (thank you lortab) when I took that pic. I was taking pictures with my cell phone. I would sit in there and watch friends of mine walk past over and over. I realized that I know a lot of people and what they do there. "That guy is an ortho guy, there goes an anesthesiologist, hey I know that pharmacist".

Fortunately, it wasn't broken, but a bad sprain. We scored some new crutches that actually fit him (thank you insurance) and had our usual E.R. argument. I am forever thankful that I have Jake and that he only hurts himself a little, which is much better then being escorted back to the trauma bay.
Love you Jake!!

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