Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sami's SWEET 16th Birthday

February 3, 2009 - Samantha turns sweet sixteen!! Never been kissed!!! Besides a huge chocolate cake and a gaggle of wonderful presents, the family went bowling. We love to bowl and this is the third time we have gone as a whole family. Matt and I and all our kids, sweeties and grandson head to the bowling alley for some good ole' fashion ball, pin and cheese fry fun!! Pud was really getting into his nickname-sake by monitoring the moves of other players. No cheaters on his watch!! It was great fun and I love being with all our kids! Sami had a great time too. I almost broke 100. I know....I could go pro!! hehe

Happy Birthday to Sami!!

Thumbs up for some great bowling!

Austin between frames and Matt enjoying Pud.
Corinne was REALLY happy!! Celebratory dances are a must!!
Me with the birthday girl and Sami's dance.

Pud, da bookie....makin sure "jimmy" isn't cheatin him out!! hehehe
Jake sure loves his nephew. Pud, alone at the alley, drinkin.

The girls entertaining Pud. Chris and Rachelle. Logan, praising the bowling gods!!

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