Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last weekend (January 31st) Matt and I headed off to Duchesne on Saturday to hang out with his parents. We were going to stay over Saturday night so we could spend time with his parents and meet with his Uncle David who is going to marry us.
The drive there was great. It was long and I’m a baby, but I usually get in a really great nap and Matt doesn’t seem to mind driving . The weather was beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking!!
When we arrived, we all headed over to David and Nancy’s cabin for a couple of drinks and to chit chat about what Uncle David wanted to know about before he married us. It was great, I really enjoy being with Matt's parents and his aunt and uncle are great also. It’s a small family, which is definitely different for me, but they are a blast to be around. I am excited to get married and I think Uncle David will make it definitely mean something and still be funny and enjoyable. After some revealing laughs about Matt and I’s “history”, we headed off to the “exclusive” Well’s club of Duchesne!! It was some great food, great company and the owner sits down at your table to take your order. I laughed until my stomach ached!! I regret that I didn’t get a picture of all of us.
The next morning we had a delicious breakfast with Matt’s parent s and then walked out to visit Chili’s burial site. It was such a clear and beautiful morning, I am glad that she is there. It was sad and I really miss her. I know that Matt does too. Matt and I headed off for home, but not before we took some pics of Uncle Davids homemade pergola and his tee pee. I look forward to going up in the summer with my kids and checking out the tee pee!! They would love it.
Thanks so much to Matt's parents, Al and Sue, for making me feel so welcome and loved!

Gorgeous Day! Chili and Buddy together under the tree.

Matt and I checking out the Tee Pee and Pergola. Cool stuff!!

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