Sunday, April 19, 2009


It seems that most families have wonderful Easter holidays filled with ham dinners and Easter egg hunts. My poor kids got nothin! Well, they didn't get anything from us. Easter started out with me arriving home around 8am from my third night shift and heading straight to bed. The little kids - Sami and Daniel - were with their dad. I woke up at around 630pm to a wonderful grilled shrimp dinner made by my perfect husband and then the kids came home. Luckily they had sackfuls of loot aka chocolate that they were willing to share with their mom that didn't even get them an Easter greeting.

So I found this picture from what appears to be 1996. I am nostalgic to the days when I picked out my kids cute clothes and they actually wore them. I even remember when Sami would throw a fit if I didn't do her hair for her. Now she wouldn't let me TOUCH her hair. Ahhhhhhh.....they are so dang cute!!!

Austin, with some foreign object on his head! Sami too! Just kidding, I actually picked out that hat for Sami. Don't you love the watermelon slice? Oh so cute!! Daniel , wow, is he a very white baby or what?? He was probably only about 9 months old there. And Jake, he was designated to hold Daniel because I'm pretty sure that Austin would have just tossed him off the steps. Austin was never happy that we didn't stop with him. He was figuring that our family would be a one kid sorta thing.

I love my kids!!

I plan to find some pics of Matt and his girls and get them scanned and do some posting. Trust me, they were some DARLING girls!!! Oh wait, they still are!!

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  1. Oh what adorable little kids!!! I definetly enjoy being able to still boss mine around!!