Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Pictures and sappy gratefulness!

The photographer dropped off our picture albums and the CD with all the pictures from the wedding on them. It’s overwhelming there are so many pictures. I thought I would post about 10-15 (OK, 25) of my favorite.

Looking through them it makes me feel like I want to do it again, only have about a 5 hour dinner/party so that I can spend more time with everyone. I don’t feel like I was able to talk to everyone and thank everyone for coming. I think the wedding and reception was perfect and I am very grateful to everyone who came and celebrated with us.

I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have a perfect husband, two new wonderful daughters and their sweeties, a grandson to die for and combined with my 4 kids it overwhelms me. My heart is huge with gratitude and love. Looking at my parents and siblings, I realize that my happiness started with them and the love they have given me. I love my new mom and dad Rydman and the whole family. They have shown me so much respect and affection and I have a whole lifetime of family fun to look forward to. Definitely the Well’s club will be in my future!!! Not to be left out, I look forward to a trip to Moab to get to know my new brother-in-law and his wife.

SHEESH……….I’m such a braggart!!!!
I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!! Thank you.

Picture of Jen Q. getting me in my dress. I met Jen at work and we have become close friends. She has a really big heart and a great sense of humor. She was nice enough to go to all my fittings with me and help me out when it came to dressing....and undressing.

Thanks Jen!!

Picture of me and my girls getting ready in the Brides room. Aren't they beautiful?

My dad and I getting ready to walk down the isle. I was so nervous and so glad my dad would be escort me!!

Uncle David and Matt, waiting for me to walk down the isle. Handsome groom!

Big smooches!!! We are now man and wife..FOREVER!!

A moment together after the ceremony.

I love this picture! My dad is so funny. He was holding my flowers after the ceremony and he is standing between my oldest brother, Brad, on the left and my "little" brother, Joe, on the right. My dad really isn't that short - he is bending his knees, but my brother is really tall!! We are a funny bunch!

My mom (holding my flowers) and my dad.

The whole family!!

Al and Susan Rydman, Matt and I, Marcene and Bob Taylor

Matt and his family. His parents, his brother, Nate and Nates wife Rani.

Chris, Rachelle, Logan, Corinne, Matt, Kathee, Samantha, Austin, Daniel and Jake.

I was thrilled how adorable everyone looked!!!

Bride and Groom!

Xadi, my niece.

This is a good pic showing the table that had the signing tree, pictures and place cards on it. It turned out great and thanks to Melissa (my sister in law) and all her creativity it was beautiful.

Judge has signed, witnesses signed, bride and groom signed. DONE DEAL!!

Matt has his great friend Adam witness and I had my great friend Chris witness for me.

You may have to avert your eyes.....too much beauty in one pic!
This is my brother, Dave, that did the music. He is a very talented D.J. He is with his daughter Xadi, who I still thinks looks just like I did at that age.

Xadi. I love this picture of her. She is sitting across the Brides room. I wasn't there when the picture was taken, but I just love it.

Ryder. Grandson. He likes to strip down to his underwear on formal occasions.

My sister, Caroline and her husband Cody. They have been married 18 years!!! Congratulations to the both of them!

Me and my friends from work. Jen Q., Danielle, Jen S., Tera and Rachel. I really love these girls and we have had some good times together. Working in the environment we do, we've all cried together and worked hard to save a life together. I trust them completely. I have many friends from work and would have likes to have invited them all, but alas, we could only invite so many!

The bracelets made by my friend Marissa, to honor my late sister LeAnn. My mom had a necklace that matched our bracelets.

Sisters and Cousins. My sister and her daughter Emily and me and Samantha.

Walking down the stairs. Cool pic.


YUMMY, Delicious cake!!!

What a great day it was! I am sure I will post more, but this is a taste of my favorite ones so far!

The photographer gave me permission to use them like I wanted, just so you know!!!

Blog on....

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