Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life IS wonderful!!!

Matt is gone for 2 days for work. I will miss him A LOT. I will miss his hugs and smooches and all the wonderful things he does for me. I will miss the way he likes to cuddle at night and how his arm is alarmingly heavy on my side. I will especially miss HIM.

That being said…..I am way excited to have 2 days of NO work and some time alone. I feel very comfortable with Matt here and being who I am when he’s around, but the guy works his ass off on a daily basis doing anything and everything. It is crazy for me to lay around all day and then watch him cook for us etc. Knowing that I can lay on my bed as my children starve…guilt free… a fun indulgence that I will wallow in for 48 hours. I love my husband, more than I thought I could love any man, but I love my alone time too.

But first, I have to go to a physical therapy appointment. Maybe if I type this post and make it really long and amazing I can talk myself out of the appointment. I doubt it. I can’t just miss an appointment. It’s the OCD/anal retentive in me. I won’t even be late. Then my sweet nice therapist will take this hard plastic tool and DIG it into my plantar fascia. He will then hook my heel up to electricity and leave me in my agony for 10 minutes. I must admit, my foot is doing better and I really like my therapist. He is very nice and very realistic. He tells me like it is and isn’t afraid to tell me what his truthful opinion is. I appreciate that. Especially since I work with doctors all the time and sometimes they say stuff to patients and family and I just want to ROLL my eyes. It’s the people that work with patients every day for hours on end that are really the smarties. Just my opinion…..

Rest assured, after my appointment, I will be snuggly hanging out on my bed with my favorite new blanket, snacking on chocolate and preparing for a nap. It is really lazy. That's ok. I will be working all weekend long and I have been working alot. I need the recovery....yeah, thats it, recovery.

Things he gets my kids to do....don't they look fantastic working so hard??

Pictures Matt has sent me while he is on the road. Isn't he COOL??? (In Matt's defense, Sami and I had sent him a pic with peace signs and what not)
Even when he comes to bed, trying to read, he usually passes out within minutes.

Picture of Ryder......because.
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