Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feeties update.

Today was podiatrist day. I went to the same Dr. that did Sami's bunion surgery. What he lacks in personality he totally makes up in skill and complete OCD.

After an Xray and exam I was shown (on xray) my fascia (plantar) and how swollen it was with this white spot that he said wasn't good. I also have a heel spur sprouting. He heard my stories, looked at the way I stood, examined my orthotics and then taped my foot.

For a minute I was a professional athlete.....but I digress. Apparently with one leg being shorter then the other and the way I make up for it I am pronating harder on the left then the right and I need BETTER/STIFFER support. You can say that again! hehehe

SO, I walk around with my taped foot in my good shoes with the orthotics. If that helps then I get to buy new orthotics and new running shoes - Motion Control, not Stability. THEN, after about 400.00 in cool hard cash I get to start running again! Woot woot. Well, I would do it if I ran or not, I need to be pain free when I'm working. Being able to walk, bend, lift, toss, throw, juggle, heave, boost, drag, elevate, launch, pick, pluck, remove, rip, stretch, wrench, yank and schlep is critical to doing my job.

I've know people who have problems with their feet and it's almost unbearable. The best way to take care of myself is soon and now. I will do what I can to insure their health.

In the meantime, I will be passing on the flip flops. They have been banned by my partner in healing......Dr. Podiatrist.

Taped like an athlete!!

He said it would last 2-3 days, but I don't think that the peeling away is suppose to happen. I'll still give it a shot. Maybe I'll benzoin it up when I get to work. hehehe

Blog on.
Yes, those are canary yellow sweats. I only wear them at home. I bought them before the wedding, after I took a sleeping pill. I bought them for the day of the wedding - to wear to get my hair done and stuff. Luckily they were cheap and I learned a valuable lesson about NOT shopping online after a sleeping pill.

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