Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Family Birthday Party

Every month we (my family) get together and celebrate all the birthdays of that particular month. My brothers, sister and I all go to my parents house for good food and good conversation. We bring our husbands, wife's, kids, grand kids and who ever else is around we can call family. I really love it. I love seeing my sister and my brothers and keeping up with what is going on with every one. We are all very busy and I love that so many of my family think their family is important enough to make the time and effort to spend with each other. My parents are getting on in years and keeping in touch is important as we segway and prepare to take care of them when and if they ever need it. Enough of the sappiness.

My parents have a huge beautiful yard and in the spring/summer the kids love being outside causing some havoc, but having a blast!! This month is Ryder's first birthday and the first party that he is really walking around. He loved just running as fast as he could!

Long driveway and lots of cars. That is my brother Mark standing there.

The BRP gang takin charge...homies!

All the many happy kidlets.

Corralling the Puddin Pie in safety.

Uncle Austin watched him and followed him everywhere!
Safety it's so cute!

Ryder still running.

Playing around on the grass.

Cute picture!!! Could you just smoochie those cheeks!

On the move and a difficult picture to get.

After fun and frolicking we had to get down to business. Every month the birthday peeps get to reach in a big jar and get as many quarters as they can get. It's a big deal and lots of fun. We have the "greediest" number and the number to beat! Ryder was totally intrigued and really wanted a part of it.

What is that??

Excited, but not too sure.

Reaching in to get a few.

Mommy Scored! (Rachelle grabbed them for him)


He was so excited to just push the quarters on the floor.
That is my sister helping pick them up.

Quarters on the floor!!

Present? What is that?


Hanging out with Xadi.
Happy Birthday to Ryder.
I promise next time I'll get pics of other members of my family also!
Blog on....


  1. That was such a fun party. Ryder is SO adorable! The Taylors LOVE their babies! I love that pic of Ryder and Xadi...but you missed his finger in her mouth.