Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feet be damned

I took off six months from running. I went to a sports medicine ortho guy. I wore a very large "plantar fasciitis" boot to bed for way too long. I did two months of physical therapy, which I will mention, was painful and not fun AT all. My physical therapist ok'd me to run. He stated that I may run 2 minutes at a time then walk for 5 and only for a total of 6 minutes running time. So yesterday I grabbed my fancy timer/pulse/watch and Matt, Ted and I headed out. A full 5 minute warm-up walk, 2 minutes of running - repeat. I ran for a total of 6 minutes and we walked in between. After, I was able to do all my PT exercises and was feeling just dandy.

My favorite running shoes with my blue yoga mat and my red stretchy band.

About 3 hours later I headed off to work a princess 6 hour shift, helping with the new physicians ordering. I cannot tell you how bad my heel hurt. It's like I never rested it or went to the doctor or had months of PT. I was trying very hard not to limp. I'm sick of limping. I'm sick of my foot hurting. If I keep running, will it really get any worse?? I have 6 months of fat around my waist that proves that it cannot.

I made an appointment with a podiatrist for Wednesday. Hoping for a different opinion but smart enough to know it's probably just a pain-in-the-ass injury that will take FOREVER to go away.
I guess it's time to start biking, or saving up for some good ole' fashioned liposuction.
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