Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Other soon!

After only 2 months of marriage, my husband has found a new love.

A boat.

It's a 1968 Glasspar Seafare Sedan (sounds like a 4 door, hehehe) fishing boat that my dad gave us for our wedding. He was going to get rid of it anyway and this way he will probably get to enjoy it a little more without the hassle of upkeep.

Sometimes Matt will just be in the boat, in the drive way, drinking a beer or making a list. So now that "Sheila Later" is in my life I have more time alone. I love time to myself and Matt loves time with his boat. It works out. We still have plenty of time together and plan some weekends up at Strawberry where the boat will be in a slip for the summer. I love to lay out and hang out on a boat and Matt loves to be in a boat and fishing. I think it will be a recipe for a long and lasting marriage or a lot of bitching. I will get back to you on that at the end of the summer.

Today, he took his blackberry out with him to tinker with the boat, so he could "work" and take calls while working on the boat. Home office? You decide. I know we just need to figure out a good place for a cooler and a way for me to lay out on the bow.

Pipa giving Ryder his first lesson in boat navigation. We already bought our cute grandson a life jacket so he can go fishing with his Pipa!!

Yeah, it's parked on the grass. We had planned to have this area ripped up and concrete set, but alas, the economy is working against us. We will just have to be sure to weed wack around it.

She's a beauty!!

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