Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!


Mother’s Day
Oh how I love my mom! She is seriously the strongest and smartest woman I know. I was going through some pictures that I have of her with my kids and I realize the only reason I have such wonderful children is because my mother taught me so much about life and love. She grows the best garden, makes the best bread and can pinch a penny into a dollar. She has loved me unconditionally through some very hard times and loves my children immensely.
Thank you Mom, for being the very best mom.
I did a full medical history of my mother, for an assignment, when I was in nursing school. Through this and many examples she has taught me a lot about sacrifice and determination.
When my mom was 11 she fell 50 feet out of a tree. From what I understand she landed on her feet then her butt. She broke many bones in her feet, legs and back. They lived in Shelley Idaho and in order to take care of her, they drove her down in an ambulance to the old Bingham Hospital. They didn’t think she would live and definitely not walk – forget even giving birth. She stayed in the hospital for 6 months, her own mother and father visiting her when they could. Her mother was getting ready to have a baby. She was one of the first patient’s that they used traction on. Back then they stuck patients in a body cast and waited for them to heal. So she was rigged up to some block and tackle two by four contraptions and turned twice a day.
With a lot of determination my mother not only walked, but had eight babies. She has had a couple of hip replacements and at 75; she can’t walk too far and needs a cane or two. She also needs braces on her leg to stabilize her knee.
She swims almost every day in her swim spa. She monitors her diet and her weight to keep herself in good health. She never takes narcotics. She told me, “If it hurts, I stop”. I respect her determination and find that I feel pretty rotten if I complain to her about any physical ailments. She is a strong woman that knows what she believes and knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. For that she gets 8 crazy kids (6 are living) and 21 (or so) even crazier grandkids!! I hope that someday she will get to know her three great grand-daughters that she hasn’t met, but in the mean time she has one “out of control” sweet great grand-son to hold. I know that my kids love and respect her dearly and I hope that for the rest of her life I am able to help her to be the happiest she can be and the most independent.

I LOVE YOU MOM!! Thank you!!


  1. What a great post about mom. She is awesome and very loved by her family!