Friday, May 29, 2009

Jake's latest and greatest

Wednesday May 27th

Jake called me when I was out shopping with Daniel and said he hurt his knees. This is a variation on calls I get quite often as Jake injures himself. I told him to meet me at the house and I would be home shortly. I got home and about 10 minutes later his friend drove up. At that point I realized that Jake was being dragged in and that he was completely unable to bear any weight on either leg. That is bad.

He changed into some shorts with some help from his sister (man, she loves her brother) and Matt and I dragged him out to the car. I haven't been able to lift him for many years, but without him able to bear weight, it was all Matt and I could do to get him out to the car. Thank goodness Jake has some great upper body strength to move himself around a little.

When I got to the hospital I was able to put a wheelchair by the car and he transferred himself over, very impressively I might add. We didn't have to wait too long to be seen and after x-rays, and a shot of morphine we had a decision to make. To keep him there and see what the orthopedic surgeon says or try and take him home. In the end we decided to keep him in the hospital. Without him being able to bear weight there is no way we could take care of him without the danger of further injury. Jake's dad showed up and hung with him while I went home for a breather and then I went back around 1030 pm once they had him in his room. I stayed until I thought he was tucked in, which took quite a while. His nurse ended up going home sick half way through his admission. So his new nurse, who I recognized as a long time RN of the 6th floor, took over, but it took a while. We were at St. Marks, which has a great orthopedic team and I wasn't in the mood to deal with the UofU ER.

After a PCA (patient controlled analgesia) was set up and his history was taken (YES, at midnight people, midnight) I headed for home.

The next day Dr. Mariani (orthopod) examined x-rays and Jake and concluded that Jake had bilateral 2nd to 3rd degree MCL (medial collateral (sp?) ligament) tears. No surgery for this particular injury and Jake was going to be set up in some braces and get up with PT. Once that was done he may be able to go home. This took a while to get done and Dr. Mariani came in about 3pm and discharged him.

In the meantime I showed off my previous HCA and current RN skills by giving Jake a bed bath (he did the crack and pack), changing all his linen and getting his teeth brushed before the HCA could get to us. The HCA finally asked me if I was a nurse or something. hehehe. Yeah, ok, busted! I just don't have the patience to wait - a sign of the usual OCD ICU nurse.

Jake also had some great visitors! His uncle Jim (Bill's brother), Beverly (Wilford's wife) and Tia Milvia (LONG time friend) stopped by. I hadn't seen them since the divorce and just met Beverly so it was a touch awkward, but it was really good to see them. Then my mom and dad came by to give him a hug and a smooch and my dad helped Dr. Mariani's nurse apply the "Rubik's cube" type braces on his legs. Once Jake had been up with physical therapy, his Aunt Annette (Bill's sister in law) and cousin Mike came by. Again, it was so good to see them. Mike has grown up so much and Annette hasn't changed at all, it's like she isn't aging. sheesh!! I really didn't tell many people in my family about it. My dad, of course, and I called my brother Brad who works at St. Marks. My sister found out from my dad. We just aren't big hospital visitors I guess. Which was fine, Jake had just enough. He doesn't see enough of his dad's side of the family anyway.

We finally got out of there around 330-4pm.

At home we moved Jake into Daniel's room (Daniel's bed is higher and Jake can get in and out) and I went to Walmart to buy him T'shirts and gym shorts to live in while he lays around, healing.

First night, Jake getting into his room and me making him smile for the camera.

Next morning after his bath and change. He was really tired and the dilaudid in his PCA made him dizzy and sleepy.

My dad helping with the braces and PT teaching Jake to walk with the braces and crutches. He can't bend his leg more then 30 degrees for now. Fancy braces, can't wait to get the bill!

I love Jake dearly and would do anything for him. I do get frustrated by all his injuries, but he has some wicked tenacity to do what he loves. I am just very grateful that it wasn't worse and he will heal up just fine. I see so many families devastated by trauma and I am grateful that none of his have been critical.

These are pic's taken a couple of month's ago by a professional photographer. It was this kind of trick though that he was doing when he landed wrong on his legs. OUCHY!

Blog on!!

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  1. He looks super cool, but YIKES TO THE MOM!!!! I am so sorry that you are going through this, however you sound in good spirits...Your wedding pics are beautiful, love your blog background too~